Simple suggestions to make Canada a better place for its people.

1) Pass a law that enforces jail, loss of position and total financial ruin if a politician goes against a campaign promise. This should stop them from SO constantly telling lies depending on their audience.

2) Massively cut government spending/programs and foreign loans we never expect to get a return on. ie: Smaller Government with distributed power vs a Prime Minister.

3) Restore the PST with it’s original intent, and supply the full income from PST to the Health Care system; Medical funding issues, not now. GST? Gone!

4) Make people work for their welfare check, minimum wage; Mandatory drug testing, and education.

5) Restore the education system with community schools, 200 students(or less) to a school, where few would ever have to take a bus, and teach again the value of community(vs anarchy) through the early years.

6) Don’t fight a war until citizens vote to do so, or we are under direct attack.

7) Restore personal freedoms, allow Canadians to defend themselves and their property, seatbelts and helmets voluntary for those over 18.

8) Government take(back) ownership of all oil/gas resources in Canada; As Venezuela did. Can you imagin $0.04 Liter fuel, OR have exports subsidize cheaper fuel at home vs us paying more than the people we export it too.

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