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Links below are to a few of my photos, often times not sorted, and or for personal use…

Hawaii – Oahu ; Lovely views, but didn’t like the ‘feel’ of the place. I spent my last $300 to leave a few days early.

Set of stairs I built from scratch ; I was quite proud of(Strong, wide, fit well).

Rottnest Island, Australia ; Most ideal/relaxing 6 weeks of my life to date.

Humming birds ; Taken on the north shore of Nova Scotia at my aunts cottage with a Canon s45 and some free time.

Park Falls, Nova Scotia ; Great place to break your neck, careful following the trails might lead to cliff edge. Water quality?

Post Blizzard 2004 ; What I’ll remember most is all the large town snow plows getting stuck and me taking my dog for a walk to my grandmothers and back(2.2km) during the height of the storm.

Tiny Cottage idea/layout ; I really love small efficient places, and find myself drawing/designing them frequently. I did this in Punch Home Design Pro I was trying, nice software but was a little troublesome with some of my silo house drawings. If it were not for all the regulations and taxes and having to deal with inspectors, I’d have built many by now(and they would stand longer than most professional places built today). %^$#

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