Why Canada Sucks

1) Weather ; Seriously, it’s cold for 9 months of the year except maybe SW BC and southern Ontario…
2) Bugs when the weather isn’t so bad. The farther north you are the larger and more hungry the mosquitoes and black-flies get!
3) Taxes; PST, GST, Fuel tax, income tax, Capital gains(Example, multi-generation family home you gift it to your kids, next tax year the government estimates what it would be worth(say 100,000) and demands capital gains from you the following year(22-40% depending on tax bracket)).
4) Canadian TV/Internet Media. TV fails to report many stories and when some are it’s reported selectively online such that if it goes against the view the state wants its citizens to take, commenting is not allowed and stories shelved. Ref. Ref. Ref.
5) Milk/Dairy/Poultry Boards (Double the price of milk/cheese) Ref.
6) Wheat Board
7) CRTC, Ref.
8) Healthcare ; Waiting months for MRI’s and cancer treatments; THAT would otherwise be treated the same week in the USA/w minimal insurance.
9) Quebec ; Let them be free! Would save a fortune dropping bilingual requirements and their people(Quebec gets a disproportionate amount of funding because they are whiny and threaten to leave, yada yada… Get out, take the debt you created with you and pissoff).
10) Canada has different definitions for, and requires expensive licenses and training for Ultra-Light Aircraft. Unlike the Americans.
11) Canada “Limits” hence does not have free speech. ref. ref.
12) Canada limits your ability to defend yourself and your property. Ref. Ref.; There was a serial killer moving randomly around New Brunswick, killing everyone in the home he chose to stay at, the police couldn’t find him, but they could send officers to stop the sale of guns to local citizens looking to defend themselves. ; I saw news reports at the time, if anyone has more detail on this or others. send in some references, thx.
13) The Canadian government(There is no difference between which major party is in power at any given time) works tirelessly to remove freedoms and privacy from its slaves. Ref. Ref. Ref. Ref. Ref. Ref.
14) Police/Legal system, and media under the direction of the government disclose information in a false way to hide reality. For Example: There is no rape in Canada, only sexual assault(which may or may not mean rape). When a long dead decomposing body is found off a public beach, reports say “victim was declared dead at hospital.”. With this being standard practice, who knows what else they are white washing. Ref.
15) Seatbelt, motorcycle and bicycle!! helmet laws. The ONLY defense to these laws is it ’saves lives’, that argument to anyone who thinks freedom first is totally bullshit because the same one can be used to dictate what you eat, and even activities you do.
16) Pollution, At least here in Atlantic Canada… North America’s Tail pipe. Ref. Ref, Ref. Many industries found to be too toxic/polluting in the US were moved to Canada. Ref.
17) Ignorant or complacent citizens. Don’t get me wrong, Canadians are friendly and generally well educated, but there is no will to change, only go with the flow. Politicians blatantly lie and go against promises and there is no recourse. Bread and Circuses!


The flag above was made to symbolize the direction I believe Canada is headed in. People didn’t get it, so I drew a big ‘no smoking’ ring around it.


Another Reason
Comment on January 8th, 2007.

In canada you must build to National Building Code of Canada 2005 specifications which the government makes themselves and charges you $190 for paperback $350 for digital version of the information… So your tax money pays so they can enforce and make rules, then the government charges you for access to the rules.

eMule has .pdf versions of Volume 1 & 2 for download. If your money paid to make it, is it wrong to possess a copy yourself?

Comment on May 11th, 2008.

How about most of the homes in Atlantic Canada are heated by foreign oil, when the natural gas(sabel island) that could be used to heat the maritimes for centuries is being sold and piped THROUGH Canada directly to the states(at no real benefit to citizens).

Comment on May 13th, 2008.

Canadian businesses are often given monopolies, for example propane companies in Nova Scotia(maybe elsewhere?) are allowed to not sell you propane unless it is in a tank they own/lease you. $120+- a year for the tank to hold propane that you buy (at greatly inflated prices from taxes). That really adds up, figuring a propane tank costs at the MOST $500 new, 20 year life of a tank thats $1900 per household they can extort.

Comment on December 28th, 2008.

Lobster fishing licenses are only for commercial fishers, and a citizen can not fish and eat any lobsters for themselves. The reason the government gives, is to control stock, but in Maine, citizens can get personal licenses and fish for their own supper, with no apparent effects on stock.

IMO Citizens should have the right OVER commerical fishers. Don’t even get me started on wtf Canada did to “help” the COD stocks.

Comment on January 28th, 2009.

Just wait to see what is in store for 2009. -An American

Comment on February 18th, 2009.

Canadians rock but are government and the systems are just messed up and not managed properly

Comment on April 7th, 2009.

Reference. So basically year(s) in jail for self defence? Who broke into whos place? Ho hum…

Comment on April 29th, 2009.

Canada even regulates what you can call your business: “The Partnership Business Name Registration Act (the act that governs partnership/sole proprietorships and business names) requires both distinction and description. A name submitted for registration under that act will be rejected if it does not somehow contain both description and a clear distinction.”
%uc$ing fascists. This means you can’t call your business “Spots” or “Whatever” unless you add a description “Spots Shoes” “Whatever Investments”. To name a company “Mcdonalds” or “Google” you would have to trademark the name, increasing naming costs by about 7x(yearly).

Comment on May 22nd, 2009.

Canada could have had it all! American Technology. British Culture. French Cuisine. Instead they got the worst of it all. French Technology. British Cuisine. American Culture.

Comment on January 14th, 2010.

Canada requires a radio license to use Marine VHF radio. “subject to a $5,000 fine and up to 12 months in jail for use without a Maritime Restricted Radio Operator’s Certificate”.
Yet our neighbors to the south know better and no licensing is required for 300 million of their citizens, without I might add any significant problems.

Also when Americans visit or boat in Canadian waters they are not required to have a license themselves, which only punishes the locals.

ie: More burden/cost/bull shit for being Canadian.

Comment on April 29th, 2010.

Young offenders acts hides peoples names from the press and makes it illegal to name criminals for fear they might be persecuted later in life(That should be the least of their problems). 16 year old immigrant(kick him and his family out) stabs a 20 year old in chest in his car for ‘looking at him funny’ as the brat walks by. Gets 10 days in jail and eventually let off with time served/probation. Reference: http://thechronicleherald.ca/Front/9016218.html Backup

Akalia Henriet
Comment on May 26th, 2010.

The seals, come on people! Don’t forget that Canada kills tens of thousands of baby seals a year! Innocent, helpless baby seals! think about it, it’s like lkilling puppies. Senseless and wrong!!!!

Comment on May 29th, 2010.

Akalia, The reality is most other countries(with seal populations) kill the seals also, as they breed like rabbits. Only they are ‘culls’, and everything is wasted. In Canada the fur, and meat is used(ie: not wasted).

Not to mention the whole notion is arbitrary, the value of a cute seal vs an ugly pig(One of the smartest animals), or calf/chicken.

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