2. the quality or condition of existing in a meaningless and irrational world.

Life is a meaningless descent into the void… One can only try and enjoy the ride.

I use this site/blog to paste information I would likely share with more than one person, so it saves me having to repeat myself, and serves as an archive(A digital memory). As I get older and my mind continues to ‘go’ this might get more interesting, and perhaps also a memorial to friends/family when my time comes.

It is my opinion that bureaucracy only breeds more of itself to justify it’s own existence, and that as the general population grows more ignorant it is being manipulated by the media/big business/politics; rather than by science, independent thought, and respect for others/environment.

Links in general all seem to go dead/change far too quickly. Part of me wants to save local copies of all referenced pages, maybe I will… Although with my luck, the copyright police would start to hassle…

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