Pictou County

It’s unlikely that you can travel through the major towns of Pictou County, Nova Scotia(New Glasgow, Trenton, Westville, Stellarton, Pictou) without experiencing some of the pollution this area has to offer.

Come for the respiratory distress, stay for the cancer.

Pictou County boasts some of the highest number(per capita) of cancer and respiratory problems in Canada. ref.

There also seems to me, to be a high number of… um… ‘retarded’/'birth defected’ people here, whether they are shipped in or home grown you see more on the streets here than anywhere else I’ve traveled/lived. I must wonder if it’s something to do with the environment.

In no particular order, we have…

Paper Mill(Scott Paper, Kimberly Clark, Northern Pulp)

Power Plant, Paper Mill in back
Nova Scotia Power Trenton Coal Fired Power Plant

New Glasgow Steel Works/Maritime Steel and Foundries Limited. One of the most foul smelling in town, just a breath of the stuff they release causes a reflex to stop inhaling, bad so very bad.

Open Air Sewer Treatment Plant

Tire Manufacturing
Michelin Tire Manufacturing

One of Many Open Pit Mines dug.
Open Pit Coal Mine

I have not worked(and wouldn’t, unless it paid in a short time enough to move and never return) at any of the companies above, but odds are most everyone in town has a family member who has.

Oh, and lets not forget we are in North Americas Tailpipe:
Pollution produced in central Canada and the northeastern U.S. account for upward of 75 percent of the pollutants in Nova Scotia’s air shed. Ref. Ref.


Comment on October 15th, 2010.

how can anyone, who lives in Nova Scotia print such an article? I overlived in Germany the war, the most indstrialized country in the world. Instead of writing an article like this you should put your energy into organizing a platform to clear the water and the air, which come out of the factories as we have done in Europe. By the way, do you know that Nova Scotia ist as large as Germany and has less than 1 Million people, in Germany you have over 80 Million. Little air for them?

Comment on October 15th, 2010.

Why dont you people et together and force the polluter to do what we have done in Europe: clear the water and the air. It is possible, otherwise we Europeans would not have a chance to grow-up.

Comment on October 22nd, 2010.

I’m all for it, but when most of the town(s) population are employed by the same companies(often government owned or landed(incentives)) the ‘people’ want money more than less risk of cancer and or clear air. Australia is where my heart is, if only you didn’t need a wife or 100k-750k to stay there.

$200 an acre land can still be purchased in Nova Scotia. More privately owned land here than anywhere in the world. It was a ‘bribe to settle the ‘new world’. That is mostly why land in Australia, British Columbia and elsewhere is so expensive, the “State/people” own it and only sell it in select blocks for high profit. just as much land and similar per-capita on Vancouver Island but you can’t find 1/4 acre lot there for $25000.. Can purchase 100+ acre wood lots in Nova Scotia for that.

Comment on November 9th, 2010.

The car works (Hawker Siddeley, Lavalin, Greenbrier, Trenton Works) has left its mark on PC too….don’t forget that place just because it hasn’t been functioning for a few years.

At least NS has an amazing recycling and composting program, I live in BC and we can’t seem to get it together here.

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