R/C Helicopters

R/C Helicopters have sure come along way since the last time I looked a decade ago. With the advent of LiPo Batteries and more powerful/efficient electric motors there is a lot of fun to be had for us wealthy first worlders(Virtually everyone in a ‘1st world country’ is wealthy on a global mean of income/assets, even if your on welfare).

With mass-production in China RTF(including Tx/Rx, batteries, etc) kits can be bought and flown the very same day.

Below is an outline of the helicopters I’ve had a chance to fly thanks to my fathers interest and generosity(Super risky letting others fly your RC aircraft).




See here. First helicopter my father bought, larger than the Mosquito, but flys with less noise and smoother.


See here.


See here. I wonder what these things actually cost to make. Amazing what you can do with only 2 channels! use Rechargeable batteries or get an AC charger for the helicopter. Out of the box it uses the transmitter to charge the helicopter and that really eats the batteries.

Lama v3
ESky Lama V3

See here.

Walkera #4

First 4ch single rotor helicopter we “tried”, we couldn’t get it off the ground without it instantly correaning in a direction we didn’t want it to go… We began to suspect our unit faulty.

Esky King 2

My current fav.
Video of one of my first few flights.

Walkera 4#3b

Brushless, extremely tiny 4 channel 2.4ghz RTF, everything in the box. Single rotor design makes this fairly difficult to fly, tho there does seem to be some self-stabilizing effect(size perhaps?) vs the larger esky King 2, and #4 models. Video 1

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