Lama v3 Helicopter

Posted on January 11, 2008 by Onlooker.
Categories: Positive.

Lama v3My father bought another toy, one I had to try for myself. A 4 channel, full tilt control, RC helicopter called the Lama v3, purchased from for ~$88. A dual rotor full tilt controlled helicopter is likely the safest/best next level helicopter to fly after the Bladerunner/Mosquito.

The Lama arrived properly trimmed but we had to open and adjust the transmitter to trim the rudder control(or else have to continually make manual adjustments to keep it from turning. It is very heavy and much more care must be taken when powering down the engine or it will hit the floor hard. With a flight time of 10+ minutes, I look forward to increasing my skill level with this model, next helicopter will likely be a single rotor outdoor model.

Video of first flight.

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