Water, H2O…

Here is a collection of some useful information on water, and chemicals poisoning most populations.

Drink bottled water?

Showering in town water?
Chlorine can enter your body in equal amounts simply from showering(absorbing through skin, and breathing vapors).

Solutions: in-line chlorine/lead filters where the water enters your home/building; Water distillation; Move into the country and find/dig a clean well :)

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Comment on January 22nd, 2007.

Chemicals in the plastic bottles leeches into the water contaminating it over time.
Since I was about 9 years old my father started distilling our drinking water, which I continued to drink until after college. Laziness caused me to start buying spring water, which I drank for the next 7 years or so… During that time I discovered headaches were caused by some bottles of water, I even eventually learned to identify a taste difference ‘ in the ones that caused headaches… I tested repeatedly, Got a headache, stopped drinking of the currently opened 4L bottle, switched for a day or so to another bottle, switched back to previous bottle got another headache… and repeat… Took a lot to convince myself that ‘pure spring water’ would cause headaches, but it did/does… I continued to drink bottled water for years but on identification of the ‘taste’ I would just dump it.

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