One more reason DELL Sucks(In this case, for Canadians)

Posted on July 11, 2007 by Onlooker.
Categories: negative.

Dell Canada marks up the same hardware a silly amount, essentially ripping off Canadian public. Then of course Dell Corporate, won’t allow you to order directly except from the Dell in your country.

2 Identical systems priced, vs
Vostro 1500 – Dell Canada Summery ; $1229 Cdn
Vostro 1500 – Dell USA Summery ; $699 USD = $737.49 Cdn(At time of this post)

Additional charge for being Canadian customer: $491.51 ; It’s often much worse for other Countries “DELL”.

In addition to the inflated base price for Canadians, standard features on the DELL USA such as Geforce vs Intel Video(+$100 for Canadians), 120gb HD vs 80gb(+$40), Duo vs Celeron(+$100) were additional costs for Canadians.

Dell was having a typical USA Only discount at the time, without the discount: $265. Rarely will you find equiv. sale in Canada, and IF there is, it’s still hundreds more expensive than Dell USA discounts

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Comment on October 2nd, 2007.

I’m Canadian and just ordered a Vostro 1500 from to be delivered to Florida (my friend’s house) I just checked the exact same system on, here is the comparison
Vostro 1500 T5470, XP pro, 3Gb Ram, 160gb HD, 128mb Nvidia geForce 8400M GS, web cam, blue tooth, intel pro wireless a/g $1007 $1999
Cdn dollar is at par now, so I’m saving $992 by purchasing in USA
Biggest surprise was the upgrade from 2gb to 3gb of ram to go to 3gb from 2gb was $90 to go to 3gb from 2gb was $600 !!!

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