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Posted on November 17, 2007 by Onlooker.
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Been busy traveling and winterizing; I meant to take lots of pictures of finial harvests of garden, but I have very few. This year in Nova Scotia, it has been reported by many home gardeners as a very bad year. Having said that, here is a list of seed planted and results:

Saltspring seeds all Organic & Heirloom:
A: Wild Cherry Tomato – Slow to sprout, sweet, tasty, all came to fruit.
B: Manitoba Tomato – Tasty, good producer.
C: French Breakfast Radish – easy, fast growing, eat early.
D: Onion, Perennial Bunching – Sprouted quick, none grew to edible size.
E: Olga Romain lettuce – Sprouted early, did not survive transplant, sowed grew but not large.
F: Sue Singers Chili – 20 planted, 1 survived(still going!), Super HOT, insane HOT, How to use?
G: Flagg Pole Bean – Fast growing, early producer, dry bean, but I just ate fresh.
H: Manitoba Brown Soy – None
I: Brett’s Yellow Bean – Tasty, early, bush bean.
J: Kamut – It grew, to slightly smaller size than orginial seed.
Halifax Seed:
K: Migonette Mixed Strawberry – grew well, plant green as of today, Fruit next spring?
L: Connecticut Field Pumpkin – Some nice large vines, and flours, no fruit.
M: Earlivee corn – Didn’t grow well, 4′ high, tiny tiny corn cobs(if any)… ants enjoyed.
N: Hybrid Earligold Cantaloupe – All sprouted, but died or eaten after transplant.
O: Sugar Baby Watermelon – 1/2 sprouted, but died or eaten after transplant.
P: Bon Vivant Lettuce-Mesclun Mix – Good value, edible early and tasty.
Q: Gourmet Herb Mix – No info; aunt planted all.
R: Sugar Snap Pea – Tasty! I never liked peas… But these fresh, I do…
Dollar Store:
S: White Corn – of 20 seeds, and 8 stocks, 1 produced edible size cob. Deer got it! $%#$
T: Early Squash – some did produce, but late and small… Bugs got to them.
U: Turnip – Grew well. Bugs enjoy.
V: PResidents choice bean – Grew, but sub-par taste.

No pesticides were ever used on anything. Full sun garden was initially fertilized, and tilled, with good drainage. Otherwise plants grown in closed containers, were not initially fertilized, but some small amounts of miracle grow was added some some water and used(once every 3 weeks?) after some plants seemed to be struggling(they recovered).

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