Bagna Cauda – Recipe – First try

Posted on May 13, 2008 by Onlooker.
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I first heard about this ‘dish/meal’ through a comic stretch on Babylon 5 TV Series. It just looked like they were enjoying it sooo much, I remembered the name. Years later I started looking it up on the net, and while it is a very basic hot dip, there is no set recipe. Some dishes call for 1/4 cup butter, 1 cup olive oil, some 1 cup butter 1/4 cup olive oil, and variations including cream(Most reviewers don’t recommend the cream version).

So based on no standard recipe, I took what reviewers said and settled on:

1/4 Cup Butter (62.5ml)
1/2 Cup Extra-virgin olive oil (125ml)
2 Cloves Garlic
1/4 Tin Anchovies (12g)

Heat Oil and Butter, add garlic and anchovies and stir over low heat until Anchovies dissipate and ideally just before garlic browns(Although many recommend browned garlic).

Red/Green Peppers, Mushrooms(very nice), Carrots(nice), zucchini(nice), green beans

Result? It was a very mild sauce, but there were some ‘hints’ of deliciousness, next time more garlic and more Anchovies(and I’m no! anchovy fan). Some shrimp and beef tenderloin strips might be good dipped in this sauce.


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Stephen T
Comment on July 2nd, 2009.

Tina and I had the Bagna Cauda for supper with lobster tails and claws, my own homemade potato salad…. I doubled up on the garlic and anchovies and the outcome was fabulous…. Upon finding out that there was anchovies in it,Tina was very hesitant in trying it…. I assured her that they were not the whole fish, but small, very small fillets, she tried it and she enjoyed it very much…. We will be having it again,petite carrots, broccoli, sugar snap peas, zucchini, red, green and orange peppers, and mushrooms…. I let the galic brown, very good, bravo….

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