Population Control – It’s a good thing.

Posted on May 24, 2008 by Onlooker.
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wfp.gifNorth American population would not be expanding if it were not for immigrants. With the human population expanding out of control world wide, won’t one of the best resources in the future be a low population? This would allow for greater exports of virtually anything else, while securing a healthy and wealthy domestic population?

It seems to me feeding the starving is a big mistake, and should NOT be done without at least a trade off of sterility. To most this may sound terrible, but think about it, by feeding the starving(who are often uneducated, and poor) they continue to reproduce only creating additional mouths to feed and additional drain on the region. When you do feed a starving person, you are saving their life, a life that would be ended anyway from natural causes. I suggest it be an open trade, “we will save your life, provided you agree to sterilization and education”(& That they agree to help their countrymen).

We then would help secure a workforce obligated to learn, and teach their native population to look after themselves(Sustainable farming, water management, education).

One theory as to why first world countries choose to not have as many kids as others is education; Knowing what and how to prevent children, the effects of kids on personal finances, and separation of church and state.

Thinking of having kids? Ref. Ref.

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Comment on January 18th, 2010.

A horde of barbarians are invading the USA. Sixty percent from Mexico, an oligarchical cesspool encouraging its unwanted classes to invade the USA by the millions.

Eventually, cultures from below the USA southern border are predicted to become the norm, the majority.

The USA elites encourage the invasion. I believe it is part of the ongoing class war. A “divide and conquer” tactic, one of many tactics to alter the USA into an oligarchy and to maximize the power and wealth of the few at the cost of the vast majority of USA citizens.

In areas of the USA where the invading hordes congregate in large numbers, often becoming the majority, that area is more akin to a 2nd-world country/culture than a 1st-world country.

It is disheartening to observe the downwards slide of a once-sovereign country into a 2nd-world status but the USA wealth and power structure wants it so and so it shall be.

Ample proof upon the Web of what I write and I encourage the curious to verify for themselves the veracity of what I write.

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