Canada Sucks, Car Imports.

Posted on July 4, 2009 by Onlooker.
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Honda ActyA friend was browsing kijiji(Like craigslist but Canadians use this; “we” like the slower html and ads I guess?), and came across Honda ACTY ads for sale in Nova Scotia… 1993 Models for $8000. I found on wiki that the new models sell for $8000 USD NEW!, and after e-mailing the seller and researching it a bit. Canadian law doesn’t allow importing of these until they are 15+ years old. I don’t really blame the sellers of these cars as they are just taking advantage of the ignorant(as most business do to some level(Walmart sells many dollar store items for $4-18 each)), but if Canada didn’t have so many laws like this in place at least it would be possible for those smart enough to use google to not get ripped off AND be able to buy a NEW car for about the same cost(driving the used prices down where they should be, $1000).

Incidentally, many of the 15 year old Honda ACTY’s have 35,000-85,000km on them, and have 660cc engines, if the ‘general rule of thumb’ for motorcycle engines applies(I think it would), a 500cc motorcycle engine needs rebuilding(low compression) after about 60,000km, and a 1000cc engine @ 120,000.

So these small vehicles won’t last nearly as long as conventional cars/trucks, and will likely need rebuilding in the near future, wasting!!! even more money.

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Comment on January 18th, 2010.

Many statutes, laws, regulations, etc. are intended to provide a method for a small percentage of the population to “skim” wealth from the masses.

Those skimming wealth from the top of the pile are the “elite class.”

Those that create the wealth via labor or other methods provide for a generous life-style for those at the apex of the socio-economic pyramid.

As far as I can determine virtually every human social organization operates in this manner; the few at the top and the many at the bottom.

Even religious organizations operate this way.

Remove the un-needed skim and those actually producing the wealth would keep more of it and by allowing reduced priced for many (most?) goods and services would enhance the common folk’s life-styles.

Many goods and services are artificially more expensive due to the skim being in place.

The “skim” can be appropriate when taxes are involved that allow the collective group to perform services that benefit all to many of the citizenry such as road building, etc.

Sadly, too much of the “skim” is diverted to individuals or very small groups or organized BIG business typically corporations that use their amassed wealth to provide wonderful high-paying jobs to politicians leaving office.

No bribes or promises need to be made. It is an entrenched system with the non-spelled-out rules known to all engaged in the “game” ensuring the politicians support the ongoing skim and do not allow any meaningful changes to harm the skimming of wealth from the commoners.

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