News you can trust?

Posted on February 6, 2007 by Onlooker.
Categories: negative.

After watching a news report(On Global News) on how a couple their 70’s living in rural Nova Scotia was charged(and found guilty (8 months suspended)) for firing a shot in the air to scare off 16 teenagers from approaching their home(despite repeated verbal warnings). I wanted to find the story for reference(and maybe learn more). I started by checking Globals web sites, and while most of the headlines were there, this story wasn’t; So I emailed Global to get what information I could. Their Reply:

Hi Jason – thank you for your email. We don’t post our news stories
from our newscast on our website. Also, due to legal reasons, we are
unable to release our script of the story.


Debbie Grady
Marketing & Production Co-ordinator
Global Maritimes

Now it seems to me if a station is going to Broadcast the story to potentially millions, it should be made available for reference. What would you bet that if a site started recording/repeating Globals reports, that the site would soon be sued for copyright violations.

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