Cheap Quality Meal: $2.99 Beef Tenderloin

Posted on November 12, 2009 by Onlooker.
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3DollarBT1This product is likely common place for most, but with me originating in Nova Scotia, with $18.99/Lb. Beef Tenderloin, this thing looked too good to be true!

$5.97 for two 5oz($10/lb) (TENDERLOIN) Steaks, Now this is a little bit of a cheat I’m sure. It is packaged in what seems like light flavoring and of course bacon wrapped, which no doubts adds to the total weight.

Perfect for bachelor or freezing, the pair can be cut into singles without having to break the vacuum seal.

Cheap Meal:
$2.99 Beef Tenderloin Steak(Wrapped in bacon) fried in small amount of butter over medium heat for 10 minutes per side(Internal Temperature of 160f is about perfect imo).
1/2 a Plantain, fried in butter(~$0.50)
Veggie Side… I enjoy raw baby carrots.


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Comment on January 18th, 2010.

Proportion size of the meal pictured is that of an appetizer for the average American who also happens to be a bloated caricature of a normal-sized human.

After the appetizer the American bulbous behemoth will commence devouring an amount of food adequate for a Kodiak bear to survive a 5-month hibernation.

To observe a bulbous bloated American monstrosity in action enter an all-you-can-eat establishment such as a buffet or smorgasbord-type restaurant and observe the extremely obese lard-laden critters waddle to and from the food troughs and their tables.

The earth shakes under the cumulative impact of tons of human lard propelled across the floor.

An impressive yet also disgusting sight.

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