Cheap Quality Meal: < $2 Poached Eggs and Asparagus

Posted on December 27, 2009 by Onlooker.
Categories: Positive.

AsparagusAndEgg1Well I thought this might be worthy of an entry into the blog(digital memory), and boy was it delicious! As usual I read a bunch of recipes found via google then modified/combined for my own.

1/2 lb. Asparagus ($1.50); Boil for 4 minutes in salted water.
Then drain water, and fry in butter($0.07) until poached eggs are finished.

2 Poached eggs ($0.22); Boil water add 1 tbs vinegar($0.02), turn off heat, when boiling stops drop in eggs for approx 3 minutes.(Until whites are cooked but yoke is runny).

Toast bread While eggs are poaching.
Add pepper, salt, cheese(Cheddar and m. jack($0.05)) over top of finished plate.


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