Canada Sucks: Another Irony for my digital memory.

Posted on January 7, 2010 by Onlooker.
Categories: negative.

I’ve loved lobster for 20 years or so, but after seeing seeing the way it’s regulated and the most recent disgrace of Halifax lobster making it into the markets… I plan never again to consume lobster from a grocery store or restaurant unless I know from which waters it was fished AND stored/processed.

100 Million liters of raw sewage a day was and is pouring into Halifax harbour. Lobsters are both fished from and processed in harbor water, and no-one in authority cares. Lobsters, for those who don’t know are bottom feeders and all the wonderful human biological waste, drain chemicals and toxic chemicals ignorant fools pour down the drain that should have been disposed of property wined up on their dinner plates.

Of course if enough complain that would be changed, but it tells nothing of the many fish caught and processed down river of the many other polluted run offs around Nova Scotia, so it just seems a safe bet to cross it off my menu less I can be sure of where it was harvested. Unlike most other countries/states in the world, it is illegal in Canada to fish lobster/crays for your own consumption, so one more thing to #%$# with the common citizen.

The irony for me is, it’s illegal to take a sh!t in a marine toilet and pump it into an isolated harbor, but it’s ok to pump millions of liters from a city and feed it to the people.

I scuba/free dive and can speak first hand to the voracious appetite of the fish in our waters, and mammal waste does not last very long at all. I would swim confident in water soiled hours before from a single(or dozen) marine toilets. Hundreds of boats, or millions in a city dumping massive amounts into a harbour is why the regulations came about. Polluting in such massive amount the local ecosystem can’t absorb it fast enough.

My two cents.

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