DIY External Camera Enclosure / DIY POE

Posted on April 11, 2012 by Onlooker.
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Tree CamI really like the cheaper Panasonic network cameras(Pet CAM). The older/cheapest BL-C1A’s outperform the newer ones in power usage and low-light performance.

I discovered that the Cantex 4×4x2 junction box is a near PERFECT fit for a BL-C1A. The next 6×6x4 is large enough for most network cameras and with an all clear front allows for more adjustment.

IMG_4420_smallFor the 6×6x4 housing, I drilled 3 additional ‘vents’, the camera has been operating/in-weather for about 4 years. During that time, I had 2 Power Supplies burn-out(faulty OEM power supplies) and ants ate through the foam vapor barrier that came with the junction box; including a nest INSIDE the camera. I replaced this with clear silicone caulking, around the Plexiglas and after cleaning out the camera caulked the opening they used(the wire holder for the DC plug).

The 4×4x2 housing is new, and without venting holes. The camera almost perfectly fits inside the lid for the junction box, after drilling hole for the lens(wide angle, it HAD to be as large as you see), I used black silicone based caulking in 2 rings (one around the silver near the lens, the other 1″ out from that) and put a brick on the camera to hold it tight for 24hrs(clamps would likely be better). The next step will be to put a tiny piece of Plexiglas over the lens on the exterior, this could possibly have been from the inside with something very thin, but I’ll go the external route.

It should be noted that POE is not 9Volts, and this is simply a cheat to get power to a normally plugged in camera. Because it is not 110V AC, it should also be “SAFE” to run unprotected if someone cut into it(One doesn’t have to enclose the PSU as well). I’ve not had any problems with power/voltage drops over a 75′ run using 4 wires. BL-C1A’s also only consume about 1.5 watts; One should consult a reference for pushing more amps over your rj45 cable wires if using another make/model camera.


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